Consumers wanted a GMO free poultry feed,

and organic was the only solution - until now.

Freedom Poultry Feeds were designed to give modern homesteaders a cost effective,

GMO free feed that aligns with their values and ethics, while producing healthy birds.


These natural feeds (no artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives, drugs or hormones) are

GMO, Soy and Corn-FREE, provide a balanced diet supporting the higher nutritional

needs of colored egg layers, have guaranteed levels of vitamins, minerals and essential

amino acids and are enhanced with nutraceuticals to improve bird health, production and

product quality.


We have brought on Blue Buffalo dog food.

Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice 30# $47.95
Blue Wilderness 24# $51.95
Blue Basics small Breed 4# $18.95
Blue Wilderness Cat Weight Management 5# $22.50
Wilderness Cat Duck 5# $22.50

Livestock Show Equipment:
We have everything you need to stand out with your show Steer, Pig, Sheep, Goat or any livestock you might be showing"



We LOVE dogs! Seriously; everyone on our staff has a love of dogs. We take their care very seriously and we understand the difference between working dogs, ranch dogs, pocket dogs and family dogs. We have options for feeding, grooming and containing, your canine companions. We also take pride in being able to offer parasite control, vaccines, topical aids, first aid and supplements for performance and comfort.


The Dog foods we stock are:

Bites and Bones
Country Acres Dog 40 lb.
Canidae ALS
Canidae Platinum
Chicken Soup Dog
Chicken Soup Puppy
Chicken Soup Senior
Diamond Beef and Rice 40 lb.
Diamond Chicken and Rice 40 lb.
Diamond Senior 35 lb.
Diamond Lamb and Rice
Diamond Large Breed Adult
Diamond Large Breed Puppy
Diamond Performance
Hund n flocken
Solid Gold Wolf Cub
Solid Gold Wolf King
Strongpoint 40 lb.
Infinia Chicken and Brown Rice
Infinia Turkey and Sweet Potato
Infinia Zen Salmon
Natural Balance Duck and Potato
Natural Balance Fish Sweet Potato
Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato
Natural Choice Large Breed Adult
Natural Choice Lamb and Rice
Orijen 6 Fish
Orijen Adult
Orijen Puppy
Orijen Senior
Orijen Regional Red
Canine Advantage
Pedigree Small Crunchy Bites
Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain
Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream
Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine
Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine
Primal Raw Chicken Nugget
Primal Raw Beef Nugget
Primal Raw Turkey Sardine
Primal Raw Pork Femur
Primal Raw Lamb Femur 2 pk
Primal Raw Venison Femur 2 pk
Primal Raw Beef Marrow 2" 6 pk
Primal Raw Beef Marrow 4" 2 pk



Purina Sale!

Buy ten bags and get one free on select products!

Omolene 100
Omolene 200
Omolene 300
Omolene 400
Omolene 500
Race Ready
Horse Chow 100
Ultium Growth
Amplify Bag & Pail

Strategy AX
Strategy GX
Strategy Health Edge
Equine Junior
Equine Adult
Equine Senior
Enrich 32
Wellsolve L/S
Wellsolve W/C
Enrich 12




Whether your feline friend is elusive and haughty or snuggly and needy we can help you find the right food and care products to make both of your lives filled with purrrrrfect joy! We carry grain free cat foods as well as raw and specialty cans. We are constantly learning about what to offer and why. Healthy food, Flea control, proactive vaccines and of course lets not forget about the catnip and other toys.

The cat foods we are currently carrying:

Chicken Soup Cat 18 lb.
Chicken Soup Cat 6 lb.
Chicken Soup Cat Kitten 6 lb.
Chicken Soup Cat Kitten 15 lb.
Country Acres Cat 40 lb.
Exclusive Cat
Felidae All Life
Felidae Platinum
Feline Medley Cat 20 lb.
Solid Gold Katz N Flocken 15 lb.
Orijen Cat
Orijen Cat 6 Fish
Taste of the Wild Canyon
Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain
Nutri Source Chicken and Rice 
Chicken Soup Cat
Chicken Soup Kitten


Some of our companion product lines:

Frontline Plus
Four Paws
Solid Gold
Dr Naylors
Fort Dodge
Straight Arrow
Miller/Little Giant


We look forward to finding new products and to servicing your individual product needs. Please let us know if there is a special order we can place for you!